Latest news from Coombe Girls’ School PFA Committee

Review of Past Events

The autumn term was brimming with exciting events – from two successful uniform sales to the energetic beats of the Y7 disco, the charm of our Winter Pop-Up Sale and Carols by Candlelight – and we were thrilled to see some of you actively participating. The uniform sales yet again proved to be highly beneficial, providing parents with convenient opportunities to update their children's school attire while contributing to the PFA funds.

The Year 7 school disco was a resounding success, featuring a professional DJ and dance master who kept the energy high throughout the night. While the children were dancing, it was a joy meeting new parents in the Planet Café – a welcoming opportunity to connect and discuss future involvement in PFA events. Last week’s festive Non-Uniform Day brought joy and diversity, and serving refreshments at the Carols by Candlelight event added a warm touch to the festive season.


Funding Updates

We are pleased to announce that your support has enabled us to contribute significantly to the school's resources. The PFA approved funding for essential Science equipment, amounting to £130, ensuring our children have the tools they need to explore and learn. Additionally, sports enthusiasts in the Sixth Form will benefit from the purchase of new equipment, with £240 allocated for this purpose.

Our most notable project this term was our contribution to the school’s outdoor Social Space. Through your support, we were able to provide benches worth an impressive £5,000. We are delighted to see that the new Social Space has become a hub for our children to foster friendships and create lasting memories.

Looking ahead, the PFA has approved funding for the renewal of the Massolit subscription. This online library, featuring over 8,000 short video lectures by subject experts, continues to be a valuable resource for our students, enhancing their learning experience.

In addition, we are excited to announce that we have agreed to part-fund the upcoming trip for our Classics students. Your support allows us to create enriching experiences beyond the classroom, providing our students with valuable opportunities for exploration and learning. Watch this space for more news about the resources and projects the PFA will be funding this year.

Upcoming Events

This term, we have some exciting events planned. We'll be hosting uniform sales, providing an opportunity for you to update your child's wardrobe.

Our regular PFA meetings will continue to serve as a platform for discussions and feedback.

Don't miss the PFA Quiz (1st March 2024), where you can showcase your knowledge and have a great time with fellow parents. In the realm of music, mark your calendars for the House Music Finals (21st March), a showcase of our students' musical talents, where the PFA will be providing refreshments.

Additionally, we have another Non-Uniform Day (28th March) scheduled, offering a break from the usual routine and a chance for our children to express themselves.

Can you donate a book for the school?

The school’s Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is hoping to receive book donations to keep the library up-to-date for our children. Please take a look at the wishlists below and see if you can donate a book – either new or used (in good condition) – to the LRC. 

LRC Amazon Wishlist Fiction Books LRC Amazon Wishlist Non-Fiction Books


 Easy Fundraising - at no cost to you! 

Here's a really easy way to support Coombe Girls School PFA - Simply sign up to easyfundraising® and set Coombe Girls’ PFA as your beneficiary charity. Each time you shop online click through from the easyfundraising® site, featuring over 7,000 brands, and a percentage will be shared with us for free!


 Have you joined Classlist?

Classlist is a social networking community where parents can meet, share advice and sell stuff. You can also use it to buy tickets for PFA events. If you aren’t yet a member, please go to Classlist where you can join up and connect with other parents.


Welcome from the PFA

#SocialSpaces - Our Story

#SocialSpace campaign – we hit our target!

A huge THANK YOU to all of you for contributing so generously to our Social Spaces
fundraiser. Unbelievably, we surpassed the target of £5000, and are currently on £5,259
(excluding gift aid!). The JustGiving page is still live, so please do keep contributing as the
next BIG IDEA fundraiser is just around the corner...

Thanks to you, the social spaces area is looking fabulous and should be a great venue for
some outside learning and chatting for years to come.

Here's the background to our #SocialSpace campaign

Our children need space at school where they can hang out and nurture their friendships. Over the Summer term the PFA have committed to putting our fundraising resources behind an ambitious plan to transform/improve the outdoor social provision for all students; part of a bigger refurbishment of the Quad that the school aims to create later in the year. 

“Because of you, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less and smile a little more!"

Best friends. Besties. Our children thrive on their friendships and need the space at school where they can hang out to nurture their friendships. 

We need your help to create this space, by funding new and improved, sheltered, outdoor seating, which will contribute to the comfort and well-being of students at school. 

Right now you can help by making a donation to this great following this link to our JustGiving fundraising page #SocialSpaces - click here to donate

Here, you can find out more about the exciting plan. We appreciate any amount you can give, large or small, the more of us who contribute, the faster we can make it happen!

Once completed, this area will provide additional sheltered seating for approximately 180 pupils. At the moment, this work is planned for the Summer term, so let’s see what we can do to help the school reach this goal!

Thank you so much for your support,

Coombe Girls Parents’ & Friends’ Association



Position vacant*

Treasurer Assistant 

Simon Curry
position vacant*


Kristina Nordsten


Bettina Leitner


Cathy Dalton


Vasanthi Kakatsos


Clare Brown

* Please contact [email protected] if you're interested in these positions and joining our lovely team.

WANTED – Treasurer Assistant

The PFA has had a longstanding Treasurer, Simon, who is a veteran at the role and it would be beneficial for the PFA and CGS to have someone else train up in the role and assist Simon with his work.

Would you like to join the band of friendly volunteers that make up The Parents and Friends Association (PFA)? Through the fundraising work of the PFA we can help CGS to provide extra amenities and support that our children can benefit from.

We are in search of a new treasurer assistant to help run the financial side of the charity. If you enjoy a challenge, then you could help us to grow the fundraising capacity of the PFA and help secure the future of this social and charitable organisation within the school.

The PFA is open to all and is made up of parents, carers and friends of CGS who volunteer to run social events, fundraising activities and projects. We have a small committee who are dedicated to this end, so it is a good way to meet others and learn more about school life.

The role of Treasurer Asssitant requires someone with financial knowledge who is able to take on this trusted position and assist the Treasurer in managing the accounts for our small charity. You might be a parent/carer but the role could also suit a retiree who is a relative. You should enjoy working as part of a team.

The job requires you to become a charity trustee and take on the responsibility of running the charity’s finances, so accountancy and good communication skills would be an advantage.

You would be expected to:

  • keep accurate financial records

  • present annual accounts

  • understand the charity’s position regarding financial safeguarding and protection

  • oversee banking and security

  • communicate with the School finance department and other trustees regarding payments and expenses

  • be willing to respond quickly to financial issues.

​As part of the committee, you would need to attend monthly meetings of the PFA which are taking place at Coombe Girls’ School. An interest in new ways of fundraising and efficiency would be an advantage as we face exciting developments in the charity sector. 

So please do contact [email protected] if you can spare an hour to make a difference.



Meetings and contact details

We meet as a minimum, every term at 6.30pm in the Sixth-form building, Wilson Block, by the Darley Drive entrance. Alternatively, you can join meetings virtually via Zoom.   

Committee meetings for 2023/24 are scheduled for:

Tuesday 17th October – Annual General Meeting
Tuesday 28th November 
Tuesday 16th January 2024
Tuesday 5th March 2024
Tuesday 23rd April 2024

If you can’t make the meetings (which are short and never dull!), but would like to help with specific activities, suggest ideas or just want some friendly advice, please contact us at [email protected]

Dates for your Diary

Thursday 12th October - Year 7 Disco & New Parents Evening
Friday 8th December - Winter Pop Up Sale
Friday 15th December - Non-Uniform Day (Christmas/Festive themed)
More dates to follow…

2nd Hand Uniform Sales

Friday 17th November 
Friday 19th January
Friday 15th March
Friday 10th May
Friday 5th July

All key dates are available on Classlist and communicated via Parent emails.