Coombe Girl wearing the uniformCurious - Creative - ConfidentWhy we believe that wearing a uniform is important at Coombe Girls’ School.

We believe that wearing our school uniform contributes significantly to our ethos and we want all members of our community to:

- Feel a sense of belonging

- Identify with our school and its values

- Demonstrate that they understand and are invested in our Coombe culture

- Experience a sense of pride as a member of our community

- Prepare for adult life

- Feel secure because everyone is included

- Be free to flourish at school without judgment about the way they look



Our Uniform Provider is School Zone.

The Coombe Girls’ Uniform

All items of uniform should be kept clean and undamaged.

There should be no personalisation of school uniform items; the only adaptations that might be made would be to hem trousers if they are too long.

Non-uniform items cannot be worn in addition to the uniform: hoodies are not permitted. If an additional base layer is required in cold weather, this should not be seen; for example, a vest worn under the school shirt should be white and not visible above the shirt neckline or below the sleeve cuffs.

A reasonable adjustment may be considered for a student with an additional need, through prior discussion with the school.


They should be black and sturdy for wearing all day in all weathers. Canvas footwear and trainers are not permitted; neither are boots which rise over the ankle. For example, Kickers 8 hole shoes would be acceptable but not 10 hole boots. 

Black socks or tights

Socks should be worn to the ankle or knee; tights should be black and opaque as they are more robust. Socks and tights should not be worn together.


Whether this is our existing pinstripe skirt (older students) or the new grey, pleated one, it should be worn at full length.


Again, these could be our existing pinstripe for older students, or our new grey style with the Coombe logo.


This item is optional and in addition to the blazer. 


Long or short sleeved plain white shirts can be worn and all should have a revere collar.


Our blazer is compulsory and should be worn at all times.


This is optional but if worn it must be a plain black headscarf.

PE uniform (Compulsory PE Kit):

Sports trainers

With proper tread and ankle support, not plimsolls


Black, knee length

Coombe Bottoms*

At least one of our skort, leggings, shorts, tracksuit bottoms

Coombe T-shirt*

Black & green

Coombe Training top*

Black & green

Additional Health and Safety items:

Football/ hockey boots

When on the field in the winter

Gum shield

For contact rugby

NB Students in Year 11 may still wear the legacy white Coombe polo shirt.

*  Branded uniform items which are only available from our supplier, Schoolzone in the Bentall Centre.

Additional requirements of presentation
  • Pupils may wear a single plain stud in each ear and a watch, but no other jewellery is permitted.

  • Make-up, nail varnish and acrylic or other false nails are not permitted. Finger nails must be maintained at a reasonable length to ensure that all pupils are able to participate fully and safely in practical aspects of all lessons.

  • Coats, hats, gloves and scarves may be worn in cold weather, but are not to be worn inside school buildings. 

  • No facial piercings, including clear spacers, are allowed. 

  • Hair should be kept clean, tidy and should be of a natural colour.
    NB The School notes the advice and guidance of the Equality and Human Rights Commission on preventing hair discrimination in schools and shall consider this when making a determination on the School’s uniform policy

Breaches of our expectations for uniform and presentation

If a student is missing a uniform item or has an incorrect item, we will aim to supply a clean replacement item which should be worn until the situation is resolved.

If this is not possible, a student may be kept apart from the school for the rest of the day and until the situation is resolved. 

In all cases, we will work with parents and carers to rectify the situation.

Any instance of deliberate and/ or repeated refusal to follow the rules regarding uniform and presentation could lead to a range of sanctions, including exclusion, possibly permanent. 

We ask that parents and carers contact the school direct if there are any extenuating circumstances, such as a medical issue, so that we can discuss reasonable adjustments that may be made.

Support with purchasing the uniform

At Coombe Girl's School, we support families who may have difficulty with purchasing uniform, this is prioritised for pupils entitled to Free School Meals but may also consider any school based disadvantaged pupil on a needs assessment basis.

In the first instance the school supports families with:

  • Second Hand Uniform sales- uniform at low cost

  • Second Hand uniform donations

  • School Uniform supplier hardship fund - a voucher issued by the school for use within the school uniform supplier

The school may, in exceptional circumstances, purchase some uniform for distribution on an exceptional needs basis; this is purchased using private donations such as school fund, PTA donations and private income raised by the Trust.

The Trust is unable to provide funds directly to families for them to purchase the uniform themselves.

Mobile Phones

While we understand that mobile phones may be seen as necessary for personal safety, we do not expect to see or hear mobile phones, personal music systems, cameras or similar equipment whilst on school premises; if this happens they will be confiscated. During the school day pupils should keep these items in their lockers. We cannot take responsibility for any equipment if it is lost or stolen.

Mobile phones are not allowed to be used and must be switched off during school hours and kept in your daughter’s locker. Mobile phones and personal equipment, including headphones and earpieces should be turned off and placed inside lockers. Any electronic devices, including mobiles, seen by staff will be confiscated and a letter will be sent home.

We ask that if you need to contact your daughter urgently, please telephone the School.