Drama (GCSE/A Level)

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Drama is the opportunity to work collaboratively; creating work that communicates something about our shared human experiences with an audience. We want students to look forward to the creative process in their Drama lessons and gain confidence in using their bodies and voices in the space to create meaning.

We aim to balance issue-based drama exploration with the development of students’ theatre skills. Throughout the key stages, students develop their creativity in response to challenging stimulus material and are prompted to take risks as part of their learning. We seek to nurture students’ enjoyment of live performance, both as performers and audience members: every student is able to take part in at least one theatre trip every year. There is a range of extra-curricular opportunities open to all students, including Drama Clubs, the Shakespeare Schools Festival and annual school production.


Learning Journey

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Activities to support students outside of classroom

Enabling students to see a range of live performance will certainly help to provide inspiration for their work in Drama. Becoming involved in youth theatre outside of school will help to broaden students’ performance experience. An awareness of current affairs will help students to approach challenging stimulus material in an informed and open-minded way.


Enrichment Activities


  • Year 7 Drama Club runs once per week at lunchtime and is open to all students. Members will work together to produce a scripted or devised performance.

  • The school production is an annual event. All students who are able to show commitment to intensive rehearsal are welcome to audition to become part of the company.

Citizenship through Drama

Citizenship is delivered through the Drama curriculum. Students’ learning in Citizenship is therefore active and collaborative, using explorative strategies such as hot-seating, still image, thought tunnel and improvisation to examine issues including social justice, human rights, community cohesion and global interdependence. By responding to a range of thought-provoking stimulus material, students will be encouraged to challenge injustice and discrimination, and become informed, critical, active citizens who have the confidence and conviction to work collaboratively, take action and try to make a difference in their communities and the wider world. Through Drama, students acquire the skills and confidence to be able to participate in society at all levels.