Food Science (GCSE/A Level)

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Our aim is to instil a love of creativity through bringing ideas to life through designing and making, identifying and developing a range of design solutions to existing and new problems.

Design and Technology is a vibrant, diverse and exciting subject, which investigates the ideas of form, function and how products are designed to enhance the world we live in. It is a popular subject, which allows the girls to explore their creative side and fulfil needs of the consumer in an innovative way.

The students use a variety of skills, helping them to communicate ideas, solve problems, develop practical skills and reflect on their ideologies about design, offering something to suit everybody. There are many cross-curricular links, including; Art, Maths, Science, English and Physical Education.

There are several trips for students to attend as well as having an opportunity to take part in the regional SATRO competition, which tests collaboration and problem solving.


Learning Journey

Road Map


Activities to support students outside of classroom


There are resources available to view and download on Google Classroom.

BBC - GCSE Bitesize - Design and Technology,


Enrichment Activities


  • Technical input into Summer School for Year 6 students joining the school.

  • STEM/ SATRO club and competitions – problem solving based on the Technology, Science and Maths topics studies.

  • The Coombe Bake Off

  • Lunch time clubs for Creative Design and Food subjects.

  • After school clubs for Creative Design and Food subjects.