Geography (GCSE/A Level)

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Geography is a holistic subject that broadens the mind and develops fieldwork, data and IT skills. We want our pupils to be inspired to be adventurous, curious and be fascinated by the world and its people for the rest of their lives. We will encourage them to explore the local area and develop a broad and balanced appreciation of global affairs.

Geography is an exciting subject at Coombe Girls’ School. Fieldtrips bring our subject to life as we learn about the environment. We travel to the River Cuckmere, Sussex for a Rivers Day, walk along stunning cliffs and footpaths whilst learning about meanders and coastal scenery. Zoo Lab visit every year, with animals from the tropical rainforest that you can touch and hold. Year 11 travel to Dorset to see the Jurassic Coastline, study coastal features at Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove. Finally Year 12 visit Slapton, Devon to study rural villages, cliffs and the River Harbourne.


Learning Journey

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Activities to support students outside of classroom

Please encourage your daughters to watch educational programmes and documentaries at home. News programmes such as Newsround and the associated web site are an excellent source of factual and topical information. When travelling away from home let your daughter do the map reading and bring any information from holidays in to the Geography classroom. We love to hear all about pupils holidays and adventures. Support in the planning stages of tasks and proof reading homework is always a great help to the pupils. First News is a really good Newspaper for young readers.

Copies of all books can be found in the LRC.

Key Geography; Foundations by David Waugh.

Key Skills – Tony Bushell.


Enrichment Activities

We do a local field trip to Kingston in the Summer term, to investigate the features of Kingston as a tourist town; to collect primary data and write up a project on the visit. Students meet in Kingston, work in their groups to collect primary data, varying from riverside sketches to examination of old photographs of the Apple Market. We follow this up in term 1 of Year 8 and build upon their local geographic knowledge. This is an essential team building opportunity to work in small groups and reconsider our local town in a more geographic light. Our students always enjoy learning outside the classroom.