Spanish (GCSE/A Level)

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We encourage students to use their intellectual curiosity to make linguistic connections. They apply their knowledge and skills in a range of contexts to communicate as a ‘brave, not perfect’ learner.

In your Spanish classes you will gain a sound understanding of vocabulary and grammar so that you have the confidence to communicate with other Spanish speakers. You will also gain important, transferable skills through competing reading and listening exercises. However, learning Spanish is more than just learning about linguistics. Developing an understanding of Spanish culture, history and society is important too. That is why over your years at Coombe you will also find out more about Spanish towns, artists, films and food!


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Activities to support students outside of classroom

Parents can help their daughters in a number of ways: they can test them on their vocabulary when preparing for vocabulary tests and they can ensure that they spend sufficient time on their homework. A small student dictionary (Oxford or Collins) preferably with a grammar and verb section which students can use for completing homework tasks would is a useful investment. Some of the work we do comes from a textbook entitled ‘Listos 1’ by Ms Ana Kolkowska and Libby Mitchell which can be purchased online for home use.

Enrichment Activities

As part of Languages Week in September, all Y7 students have the opportunity to participate in fun language based activities. There is also a foreign film club at lunchtimes which students are welcome to attend.